A cheating Husband caught
on chat messages

In the last topic we were discussing details on how to handle a husband cheating on you with other women. It is painful to be cheated in the marriage and it is a waist thing out of many.

Here again, we are going to explain much about the consequences that are faced in the family when one person is cheating on the other.

First disadvantage of cheating a wife or husband is that you live without peace of mind all the time. Even when your lover speaks to you humbly you respond aggressively as if there is something bad about him or her. All the time everyone to you is a threat or a suspect thinking maybe he or her knows about your privacy. Everything you do you always try to do in hiding.

Second problem which is faced is lack of enough to to stay together with your family. Always the lover wants you to be together and enjoy life whilst leaving the family members without your company. The children grow with hatred life and shape bad generation in future.

No developments in the family is another major challenge met when you are cheating outside the marriage. The salary or Money you get is already not enough to support you and your family but you get another percentage from it to give the extra lover shares. In that kind of life never expect developments to take place in your family until you grow old and you shall die without anything.

Continued Conflicts in the family. This is also a challenging issue in marriages when your husband or wife discovers that you are cheating. You will always quarrelling, fighting and no peace in the house. Remember in that way you are grooming the kids that fighting is another type of lifestyle.

Another dangerous and last disappointing challenge on our list is sharing of diseases to your partner. Most wives and husbands are today suffering heavily from incurable diseases that they got from their loved ones. Many children today are orphans because of this bad character.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed to thee fullest not to be turned into a battle ground or a brothel. Respect yourself, your husbands or wives regardless of financial status or Physical disability. One love, happy marriage