A girl sent I to marriage at the
 age of 10 years in Africa

Marriage is a natural gift of love to make life complete in order to live as a husband and wife. In other societies do not give chances to their siblings instead make marriage choices for them and this behavior is commonly practised in Africa and India.

There are dangers that are faced in the family the moment you have forced these little ones to get married to the spouses you prefer for them. In this context dangers that occur in the forced marriages will be explained in details.

There is no enough time for the children to learn each other. When the parents decide to get their children married it happens on the spot and no compromising about that. If the kids try to disobey they are threatened that they will be disowned or will face misfortunes as per their traditions.

Cheating on each other habits are high. These children grow in societies where they have already someone to marry in their minds. So even the parents do arrange these forced marriages do not treat the couple good as they will be going out of the family to cheat with the lovers of their lives.

Satisfaction is never experienced in the family. They live together but even they go to bedroom there is no satisfaction as their minds are not ready for that lover. End result there are chaos in the family, endless fights, frequent separations and also they do not share developmental goals.

The arranged family has also a problem by not giving the children their freedom of choice and expressions. Remember we have one body but with have hearts with different feelings. Most parents do these choices due to the Influences of monetory impressions.

These forced couple will eventually divorce either soon after marriage or even when you who arranged it have died or basing on other reasons. You will notice most arranged marriages in India do not last long because there is no peace and joy in them.

This be a warning to all traditional authorities, societies, cultural experts, countries that this is another generation and things have to change. 

Stop arranging marriages for your beautiful daughters and handsome sons but you should take a responsibility of advising, guiding to shape a informed decisions in them so that they shall live to commemorate you and not regretting about you.

The other unfortunate thing is that these children are sometimes sent to their families whilst in there tender ages. You find a child 9 years old is sent to be a wife this unfair, we really need to change. Remember the wife to give birth needs her body parts to mature. Let's change our cultures.

Dangers of arranged or forced marriages have been discussed. These in summary are: no time to learn each other, children have no choice, there is no satisfaction, cheating on each other with other lovers is high and they are likely to divorce as time passes.