Happy Family should smile always

Most marriages nowadays are in shambles people complaining to their best friends about the problems they are facing in their families because of their wives. That is a very concerning situation and most things do not progress when such a situation exists.

This piece of article is going to give five details of a good wife in the family. We hope this will help to shape the families into new well natured direction with more happiness, abundance and prosperity.

Firstly a good woman needs to look presentable even after wedding. Many wives look smart only the time they are in a relationship but after getting married they look unclean, dirty and very distressing way. Other husbands start choosing to be moving alone to either church or other functions.

Good wife should maintain the behavior character towards all family members. Please understand this point clearly. 

Many wives look happy with all relationships either on husband's and her sides before wedding. After being weeded oshhhhh!!!!! they completely transform and stop welcoming the husband's relatives. Even when they come they are not warmly welcomed compared with what she does to her own people. This is very bad tendancy. Many marriages have been lost due to this bad character. Love all people equally.

Thirdly should also encourage her family to love prayers. Many wives used to love prayers or to attend church activities when they were seriously looking for husbands. Once married they change like Chameleons. This a bad trait needs to be rechecked to you who are doing it.

Should be able to contribute towards developmental change. We write here from experience. There was certain family names that we can not mention here. The wife use to ask the husband to give her money for Business. 

After few days she was reporting to the husband that she made a loss in the business and this happened for almost one year. The man was suspicious of the business was being done. Unfortunately one day the man received a phone call from the Mother in-law thanking him that the house he built for them is finished.

This was a shocking news to him and looking at how he used to suffer to raise money for the business of the wife. This should be a great lesson to you Women currently married. Join hands with your husbands towards goals of developing yourselves.

Beautiful character of the wife should always to remember to respect the husband. We have heard many before some men talking. I found a girlfriend because my wife stopped giving me respect. Mothers do not spoil your marriages after all to respect does not require much energy like you will carry a heavy load.

Another good character of a good woman is that she should learn to keep secrets of the house confidential. Many women nowadays are spoiling their own families because of talking too much. Yes you can friends but choose what to talk when you are chatting.

 Remember your neighbors and friends they also have their own problems in their families. Marriage is Office of secrets than any. Once you talk about yourself you are telling your friends that you are a useless woman. The whole plot will gossip about your family and you will loose your dignity. The man will choose to divorce. That's really bad.

This message should be considered seriously, because it's what is happening in many marriages. Always remember what you used to do when you were about to marry and after you got married and how you are doing now. Experience is the best teacher.