A happy small family

 are a gift from God and it is fortunate for a couple to have children in their families. On the other side it is so unfortunate to hear or see many unmarried girls are aborting the innocent children.

Children are considered gold in Africa due to the fact that they are the ones who carry on family names as well as keep the lineage running. They also inherit family properties and are expected to procreate to replace departed members. 

Now, after you are married what people expects from you is to bear children so this article will explain details on importance of having a small number of children in the family.

Number one advantage is that you are able to provide for their daily necessities. Kids need food, clothes, housing, hospital bills and many other things. When you get small number of them you will provide the best for everyone.

Children are able to attend good schools. You will be able to pay for their school fees without stress. My father had for instance had 32 children. 

Things did not work out well. 7 children were at Secondary School at one time and that made him a challenge to find the fees. Out of 32 children we managed to finish secondary School we were 4 and out of those 2 we went to college. The rest of the kids, got early marriages

Since the number of kids is small the family is able to make developments. You will manage to make savings at bank or in your business. The surplus will be used to make projects like building a house.

You are able to monitor their behaviors. As the the family is enjoying a good number of children the parents will be easy for them to observe the characters. Children so get much attention and that make them to do well even in their schools.

The family looks healthier and smart is another advantage. In families with more children there are more vulnerable to diseases because they are not getting proper parental care.

The life of the mother is prolonged. You can imagine the women who give birth to too many kids they are not not in good health. 

Some mothers are reported to have died during delivering. It is wise for husbands to help their wives with right decisions on number of kids to bear. Mothers who bear good number of children live a long life, looks smart and strong but the others die fast.

This is a main challenge to those yet to get married. Make right decisions now and plan well but not planning whilst you are already married. It will not work for you. Marriage is a wonderful thing and remember it involves many things and not only sleeping together.

The government of China passed a law that everyone should bear only one kid. And it also continues saying that the people who are interested not to give birth or to have children are paid money as a token of appreciation on the decisions made.  China has over 1.7 Billion people followed by India with over 1 Billion as well.

The environment and the climate changed and we need to be aware of what is happening in our everyday life. Do not just wait for the governments to give you policies. Children is a nice gift but remember it's responsibilities.