It is a Biggest challenge in today's life as most marriages in the towns and cities are not staying longer compared to marriages in the villages.

Please stick around to get what exactly is happening in today's world full of Technological terminologies.

Many people have different views on this topic and I brought to you a brief summary of the reasons why most marriages in town do not last long.

1. Many people do not believe in themselves.

* You tell your family problems to the friends and neighbors than village people who believe that marriage is Indurance.

2. Lack of patience.

*Most women copy life of the public or neighbors into their families.

* When the neighbors buy a  chicken they want the same. Bought new Chitenje/Kitenge (clothes) they want it too. 

* The husband has no money then conflicts begin.

3. Taking for guaranteed on marriage status. Getting satisfied that because you are married and never bother anymore.

* My husband is younger than me then no respect at all and you him you you you anywhere even in the presence of children then the man gets tired.

*Maybe the Man/Woman is cool you take it as a weakness and you start abusing each other like e.g. woman telling husband to clean plates, wash clothes, cook food whilst you are on WhatsApp or watching YouTube videos.

4. Failing to fit in is another reason.

*Husband is not working and woman providing everything and then the wife turns to be a husband in the house.

Forgetting that everyone has his responsibility in the house. If you married unemployed guy it was your choice. Remember there is no job issues in the village.

5. Lack of transparency in the family.

* Man gets 100K and tells the wife that he gets 10K. This is a big problem then once it's discovered the marriage is over.

*You want your wife to be dressing in a certain way but you don't provide the clothes end result you get another girl and once the wife discovers that affair you are doomed. Then you don't accept the wrong doing and challenges then divorce whilst in the village then accept mistakes and set apologies.

*Wife or husband building a house or a certain project in their village without telling each other. This is war once one discovers it. You are all on fire and later divorce whilst in the village once you build one house it's over forever.

6. Lies from Relatives within the house.

*You stay with relatives from husband/wife side .

*When you hear lies/stories you run into judgement/conclusions, this is bad please sit down and call your loved one and hear the whole issue together and establish whether it's True or not.

I expected marriage in town to live longer than in the village because you most advanced necessities.

All the problems above come about because of how you met, and remember first impression matters most. Be open to each other before making vows. She can be beautiful yes but not your rib. He can be rich yes but maybe you will make your tears soup. 

Don't rush you who have not yet married and those you divorced and those you want to divorce don't rush in making decisions. Do not make decisions based what you feel like think about the pain the most kids pass through when raised with another mother or father.

Remember you can not be a mother if there is not husband and you can not be a husband if there is no wife. We should not allow our hearts value is rather we should put our reasoning to the highest levels of integrities.

When we build our marriages we make a better society without hatred hearts but full of peace and love.