Word love is a beautiful one to be heard from your wife, husband, girlfriend and boyfriend all the time when you see each, when you meet or do things together.

This article will explain signs to note that your wife is cheating on you or is going out with another man whilst in the marriage.

It is a most painful thing to feel or hear that your loved one is sleeping with another outsider lover and some bad decisions are made of not careful.

The first most major sign you can observe is that she avoids to stay with you for a long time at the house or anywhere else.

She tries to find something to keep herself alone and not with you all the time. She start making tame excuses of visiting friends or going to various Women activities.

The other reason is that she does not want to be visited as the work place. Try it several times to visit her without informing that you are going to see her at the workplace and you will know that she will tell you strong words that will give you a true picture of life.

She does not wish you touch her mobile phone. A phone is now a major means of communication across the globe. So she always try to avoid you touching her gadget.

Uncomfortability is another interesting part you can not. At first she was talking and enjoying when together at the house.

This time she is always looking bored, angry, as if she is sick. She needs to enjoy company of that cheating man.

She stays long on the mobile phone whilst you are already gone in bed.

Onsite found out also that most women always remain at thee seating room for long time pretending to be in love with certain movies not knowing they are buying more time to entertain another man on the chat or the conversation they t having with the other man.

The other funny sign is that she stops calling you on the phone. You will know this as the wife will always ask you either airtime or money to buy airtime but she only flashes you or send you a please call me.

Where do the airtime always go???

Such is a life you provide and spend it to another side Bea and she will cheat that she always call her people in the village.

Everything you buy is bad or do is bad. She will always try to provoke you.

You buy clothes for her she will find faults on them, you buy even nice phone she will always find a problem in it. She will start to be a fault finder.

You feel you bought something expensive but only to be demoralized when you reach home.

Another painful reason you shall observe she starts answering you or responding to your issues or conversations in shortcuts.

She will be respond as if what you are talking is wrong not knowing it's a straight forward message that you are bothering her.

When she goes to the market she will bring things either expensive or more than the budget she went with.

She will always tell you she met either old friend, or sister or brother or mother sent her money to buy the items. In that way just know you have another mate sharing one wife.

In this article we were listing and describing ways or signs you can note on your wife that she has started cheating or going out with other men.

Remember, Love is simple and a beautiful thing to cheer for. Keep in mind the reasons made you to marry before this intruder. Keep love a thing to bring Joy not hatred.

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