Picture showing a couple
 on the wedding day

I am married to an Indian woman or a woman from Paris in France and someone will say I am married to an African woman. In all the marriages there are steps that are followed to get the whole process of marriage done. All these wives which just venture into the houses of men do not last long and also most parents do not accept them. So it is wise to follow right procedures when you want get married whether through the church or traditionally.

This article today helps us to have simple and straight forward steps that are followed to marry an African woman.

Firstly you will need to identify the woman and make the proposal. This is a general foundation which is a source of the marriages you see on this planet. Once the girl accepts you then you fall in a relationship whilst learning each other.

Secondly, when you observe that things are working out in your relationship, you ask the girl to go to her original home or village to pass the message to the parents that she has been proposed. At this stage some cultures like in Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique you give the girl a piece of cloth locally called "Kitenge" or "Chitenje" popularly known as Java. Inside the cloth she you put a bank note (small amount). When she gives the cloth to the mother and uncovers it mama will automatically know that you have found a man for marriage.

Third stage is that the parents of the girl asks their daughter to tell you that you should go together with your parents or relatives to appear before their panel to give the proposal officially that you want to marry their child. Cultures are different but for Nigeria you will be asked to buy a cock, Jar of wine, Cigarettes, a goat and a crate of Soft drinks. These items are used at the first day as part of introduction and when the proposal is accepted the both sides celebrate by drinking that beer and eating meet.

Then after this level, you all your relatives return home and you man or boy you arrange for another trip to go just to visit the in-laws. Here you have all chances to take your wife with you to visit man's side home. You can also choose to ask both sides that you don't want to end at traditional level ceremony but you want to have a full wedding Program to be blessed at the church and organize a major party. The party is either done at the events garden or Hall where people come together and shower you with various gifts.

After that, you go to honeymoon then the marriage is done ready to live in your own house as the Husband and Wife.

I urge you that do not rush, good things take time to mature. Main purpose of marriage is not only sex. There are many things that happen in the family. If you get married to just satisfy your sexual desires or feelings mmmmmmm my beloved ones just know that is not marriage you will not stay longer, you will soon divorce.

Put prayers once you are married there are many challenges that start existing one you are married. There responsibilities of house bills, children are also born in the house making things growing big for you to manage. Marriage is a most wonderful thing on earth than anything else.

In this article, we have looked at major stages or steps that are generally followed when you want to marry an African girl.