Sings of Poverty

In the previous article we discussed the procedures used to marry in Africa. It is a good and wonderful thing to secure a real and permanent marriage in today's life.

Now marriage is there, other issues rise, you are blessed with children and you also stay with extended relations either from wife's or husband's sides.

Poverty is a critical animal which has affected well-beings of many people and their marriages. In this writing we are going to look at how the poverty negatively affects the Marriages and societies.

Major effect of Poverty towards marriage is "early Marriage divorces". Many families have divorced across the universe due to poverty. When getting married there was only the word of love in them never thought of developmental perceptions. You find they have settled in an Area where neighbors are well to do. Wives are easily cheated when there is money. 

We have seen many husbands being left alone in their homes in United States of America, Africa even in Europe. In general this is what is happening now on earth. Love now is being bought and not from the heart.

Second effect of Poverty is spreading of diseases. Most wives have turned to cheat on their husbands because someone has promised them money. In the due process, they do unprotected canal knowledge (sex) and then eventually get diseases then share their husbands.

Another effect is that Kids drop out of schools. Due to poverty many children in our societies are dropping from continuing their education. It is a worrisome situation where many people are getting married without a proper plan of survival or supporting strategies towards the kids. 

Development of Community enmities. The other people have money others do not have. The ones with money turn to abusively use the other in return enmity surfaces. Other men are denied to marry other girls because of their financial status.

The last point on our list is Civil war. Other families start bad behaviors like stealing from the other in order to get money to support their daily living. When no proper strategies are applied end result there will be never ending fightings in the name of Civil wars.

Special advise, marriage is necessary to everyone who has grown to the adult stage. Before getting started with marriage arrangements it is good to have a plan of life. 

Will you be able to feed the family and will you provide the required responsibilities to them and if not please we humbly beg you to wait for the right time.