In this article we want to share a number of points that can help you to identify a character of a true spouse before marriage.

Firstly and foremost we need to understand the meaning of Marriage.

Marriage is biblically described as a holy Union between a man and a woman to live together as a husband and a wife. This is a unique relationship that is not easily broken once united.

There are various types of marriages depending with society and it's people. There are marriages arranged a man to stay at the original home of the woman or to stay at husband's home or even they can choose their own unique place due to other reasons like job opportunities.

One point to note that you are dating a marriage material is when she is angry. 

People who are angry always tell the truth. You will discover many traits of a person when she is angry. At this stage you know if your partner handles such a scenario whilst in a Love Affair how about when you will get Marriage Certificate. 

Your spouse is beating you because of a certain simple wrong doing you did. Reason well then you will have to make right decisions before it's too late.

The other point is take your spouse to a hotel or restaurant where you will have lunch.

Marriage material needs to be economical so when your partner chooses to order the most expensive dish just know even when you are poor or bankrupt you will not survive. The person am dating is a gold digger.

Partner should be able to cope up with any kind of a situation not because you have money or you are physically fit.

Visiting the spouses suddenly to their homes without notice. 

Some people look smart when they are coming to meet you but they are unclean and dirty when they are at their homes.

Others also behave in another way when they get to other environments but behave soberly and normally when you are together.

Buying a gift for your loved one. You can start by buying a simple and cheap present on her birthday. Expressions speaks louder than words that is what you have to bear in mind.

Engaging the community of your lover is another reason to think of getting a right material for your future marriage.

It is wise also to get to know better the community your spouse is coming from. You can do it by finding a friend from that side.

This person will share personal history in a spying way so that you know the whole truth about the one you are dating.

This is to avoid more embarrassments that you can be suffering heavily when you shall get Married. It will be too late.

Giving the relationship more time is another strategy. Do not rush one day you find a spouse after two days you are married you will get into trouble because marriage is not a play ground for games.

Let your relationship at least last for about 1 to 3 years because in between this period some hidden characters might be uncovered and then helping you to shape right future for your family.

The most marriages that just marry after two three days do not last long because they do not know each other. Love should meet all seasons before being blessed as a full couple.

Engaging a lover of your nationality. This yet another important part to be considered.

I have seen in my 20 years marriage experience many marriages finding difficulties of where to end there life when they grow very old.

Remember you are a boy and a girl today but next 60 years you will be old and be called grannies. So it is wise enough to get married to a person that will give peace of settlement regardless of status when you grow old.

This point is trying to enlighten that it's wise to make responsible reasoning than to divorce whilst you are already old because of originalities and nationalities it's bad.

Lastly, we should remember we were looking at important points to note whether we are dating a right or wrong material for our future marriages.

Make right decisions today not tomorrow many have fallen victims of circumstances because of making decisions because they need money from the lover. 

Money is a note that can be there but one day can not be there so your decisions should much be based on personal characters because materials you can get whilst you are together with your hardworking.