Bad Example of Neglecting Kids
because of phones

I feel happy in today's life as many things were simplified. You can be in the whole world in 5 seconds.

In today's article we should be looking at three advantages and two disadvantages of technology in the family. 

These advantages are: Technology encourages oneness, keep the family organised and improve the family living standards. Disadvantages are that technology is promoting cheating in the family, spreading lies about the family and no enough time to attend kids.

In the first place let's look at how the technology is encouraging oneness in the marriages. In previous years like 20 to 50 years ago life was a mystery. For example, someone leaves Africa to go to work in the United States of America and was leaving the family behind and if there was a communication was only through letters that could last ages or even get mis-addressed.

But now there are technologies like Skype, Facebook, Google, We-Chat, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap Chat and many others which are keeping marriages tied at one knot.

Secondly technology is helping the families to be well organized in the sense of many educative programs broadcasted on the various Televisions and Radio Stations.

Most people do learn things on how to handle family challenges through these technologies.

Improving family life. People get rid of many of their stresses. Once someone has his or her own difficult hard situations they just watch movies and later the stresses are reduced.

Now we should be looking at the disadvantages of the same technologies in the family.

Technology is promoting cheating in the family. Some people choose to use the technology in bad ways. They turned it as a means of secret chatting tool for extra love affairs.

Other family members have chosen to abused the technology now as salaries are accessed through banks and transactions are done online. Many are telling different from the reality compared to before when people were receiving wages on the table. 

People have chosen to tell lies. Instead of that he or she gets $5,000 they tell they are getting $3,500 taking advantage of the technology.

The other pathetic observation that the technology has brought in the family is that the parents have no longer enough time for their kids.

You will find parents are seated on the sitting room busy on chats whilst the little helpless children are left in attended. Bear in mind that these children are gradually growing in a generation of hatred hearts without natural love because of the way you raised them. You never show love to your children.

Generally, Technology is a best tool to build the marriages as you easily trace or track the whereabouts of your loved ones. 

Let us use the technology to build our strong marriages rather than abusing it in strange destructive ways.