Man beating wife or wife beating
Husband is Domestic Violence

Marriage is a beautiful place to be in this world but other families have turned into battle fields up to the extent many lives are regretting of getting married to the husbands and wives they have now.

There are various domestic violences that families do face in everyday life. Some of those bad behaviors are being beaten up by the loved ones, leaving the house without food, locking a wife or husband outside the house, denying a wife a right to secure job and denying the Orphans and the adopted children Rights to attend school, food, clothes and shelter.

Many family lives in today's life are sour as there are no peace day and night. Wives are being beaten everyday for no proper reasons. Some of useless reasons being she did not cook what the husband wanted, or the woman cooked very late or maybe she went to chat with her neighbors when she was not around. These in acceptable behaviors bare very common in India, Africa, Canada and some other places.

Love is not beating or fighting each other but understanding one another I all better and worst days. The waist thing is that after fighting he also demand bedroom duties, that's total torture and that should be stopped. Sex is about mind and always love one another to enjoy everything fully not with bitter hearts.

Domestic Violence

Another stressful torture is when the husband leave the house without leaving food for the family. Some things you do you husbands know that you are teaching your children and they think that is the type of life to be. They will do the same things to their families in future. You are planting bad apples for sure.

Always remember to give food to your family to avoid Landing into bad situations. In my counseling career I have mate several issues where women start having extra marriage affairs outside marriage for tem to get some money to Sully themselves because of negligence of men. This really very bad tendancy. Husband's let us change this please.

Thirdly, husbands deny wives to secure jobs is another challenge women face in the families. In first days you met everyone had his and her own degrees and certificates. What did you think the certificates were for?????

Off course everyone government has its rules of governing the land but make sure not to block wives from getting jobs. Let us see in this scenario; a man died and the woman was not working, what do you think will happen??? Please let everyone have his or her own jobs but be open to one another in whatever you do. Building trust in the family is the best medicine than going to Pastors and churches.

Waste torture women do to their husbands bis locking a husband outside the house because is goes out to drink beer. Mother and a wife please stop that is not a right way to punish or teach your husband. 

Just imagine the husband sleeps outside on the veranda for several times and later he decides also to find another part time woman and when he finishes his beer he goes to sleep at the house 2, how will you feel?? In this e you have extended the problems from simple to tough. Learn to consult or find a time when you see your husband is in good mood, ask him why he loves beer more than spending much time with you.

Sometimes it happens you the problem. You stopped respecting the man and just say I landed and nothing can be done. Now he has resolved by drinking beer excessively and no developments at home. Learn to be patience in all your decisions.

The fifth and last point in my article is that parents or wives deny adopted children and orphans rights to have food, clothes and attend school.

There are many children who are found on the streets of our towns and cities who running away from various tortures form evil mother's and un-caring father's.

Those children are intelligent and you never know they are the future Presidents, Pastors, and other great Leaders who would one day hold your hands.

I plead with all families the world could be so beautiful if what you want people to do to you, you will start first to do the same to others.

Family is a wonderful place to be and do not let your greed spoil marriage life so that others should hate it.

"Remember to share these articles to others in order to learn as well and your comments are highly welcomed and also report all gender based voilence in your societies to the relevant authorities and do shield anyone".