Orphanage Care in
Nairobi Kenya-Africa

 Life is so funny and at the same time so challenging and pitiful. There are people who get married bear children and live together happily without knowing what comes tommorow. Children are happy to call mother and father but one day it will be a different tune of song as the death is moving in all doors mercilessly leaving many children orphans.

Across the globe the survey shows that we have over 400 Millions orphans China being on top with over 250 Millions children without parents.

In this article I am giving five details of the most challenging situations orphans face in various families and homes in the world.

The first problem on the list is lack of food. As many people are feasting in the hotels and expensive restaurants there are orphans left in their homes food-less. Children are dying of Mal-Nutrition due to no food.

The second one is lack of clothes. You will agree with me if you live in the towns and the cities. The most children you call street kids are not street kids but orphans who have lacked good support from the parents who cheated to raise them unfortunately abused them, tortured them and they fled in their houses to the streets in order to find peace and freedom. It is not their wish to wear the lags and torn clothes.

Lack of accommodation is yet another big problem our left children face. During the day the orphans are abused and forced to work excessively without rest. They cook, wash clothes and clean the house but comes night they sleep on the verandas, others sleep in the dog houses, whilst others in the toilets and kitchens. I feel bad as I am writing this article and tears on my face.

The fourth challenge is no school fees to support their academic progression. Many brilliant orphans have abandoned schools not because they are not wise but no financial support in terms of paying school fees and academic materials like school uniforms and writing materials.

The last and waste un-noticed challenge is segregation and biasness. Most orphans are not allowed to eat together the other family children when the food is made available for them. The orphans are given poor and torn clothes compared to the mum's and dad's children. 

Everything an orphan does it is not appreciated and always my poor orphans living in tears day and night.

My message to people that we are still alive we could change once and for all and able to learn from the current orphans. I wish all parents could start respecting orphans as they do with their children.

We only have one life on earth. The parents of those orphans died first but you are the next and nobody will survive death this life. All shall die start living peacefully with all the orphans today. Give them food, clothes, accommodate them in your beautiful houses, pay them school fees, and stop segregating them as maybe other people will have mercy on your children as when you shall also be gone.

It is my humble appeal to all orphans not to loose hope as your existence is the plan of God and will make everything for you to end in joy.

Secondly I appeal to all parents who are sound and health death does not knock and give warning signs change your mind set today everyone can become an orphan any day and anyone can also die any day.

Special message to the orphanage care managers make sure to utilize all the donations for intended purposes. There orphanage cares in Paraguay, Papua New Guinea and Africa orphans are suffering whilst their donations are spent on your expensive cars and Porsche houses instead of supporting the deserving kids.

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