Boy proposing love on the beaches

In today's life we hear from many young boys being shy and stressful when comes a time to propose a woman for a marriage. This happens almost across our universe. To stop, approach and express the feelings that you are in love with the girl is not a simple task.

Now I am happy to tell you all boys that you have clues now that will signal you that the woman you are proposing will accept your request.

This article will dwell much on five main signs that investigated patiently for 22 years plus journey of my marriage.

The most observable sign is that she scratches in her head when the words of love comes to her. You will agree with me to some of you who have ever approached some girls. When you talked to them they started scratching their heads.

This is a special message to some of you boys, you just gave up quickly as you did not notice the signal the woman gave you and do not repeat the same mistakes.

Secondly, I listed is that the girl tries to be busy or tries to find something nearby to play with. For example she tries as much as possible to get tree leaves, or get a stick to be writing on the floor.

Try it and please pay more attention on that type of signal as you discuss and bear in mind at this time she does not talk much as she concentrate on writing down but listening to your wise words of love.

Let me go home and think about it is yet another beautiful signal that will ignite your brain that the woman will accept your proposal and what is needed is for you to keep calm. 

She does not necessarily mean to go home think about the proposal but there are one or two things happening. One she wants to make a consultation as some people depend on others when making decisions. Or she does not want to look a prostitute hence giving a space for you to show much interest that you really love her.

Are you serious and so how about your wife at home? Is another signal but paraphrased in question format. She is already yours at that time only nobody wants to accept a proposal of a marriage person no matter what circumstances.

It's simply to ignite you to show that you will be of her own and not shared with any other woman.

Ok I understood what you have said but I have my own conditions it goes like that and she continues to ask whether you are working or not. 

At this time the woman take it in your heart that she is already yours but she does not want to accept proposals of fake and unemployment boys who will not be able to support her in the family.

Nobody will ever accept a marriage proposal to a man who is not employed or working as family demands a lot in everyday life and the woman tries to make sure not to get married and later to suffer.

All handsome boys and beautiful girls remember as I usually say that the marriage is a beautiful thing to be in only that many do not follow right protocols and make them to feel marriage is a venomous place.

This context should serve you as a good reminder on signals you can get to help you notice whether the girl you are proposing will give you positive answer or not. Always follow your hearts and love is sweet when you are with your real bond (spouses).

Remember boys that there are many girls outside there who want you for marriage but it is not right for a woman to propose as people will assume her as a girl with no manners so please get your proposes straight and reach them out. For your information marriage is enjoyable in between 25 to 50 years then rest you live as a brother and a sister.

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