Wonderful Old family members

Almost everyone everyday you will them talking: "good marriages were gone with our grannies not our today marriages".

Those are very true sentiments. Long time ago marriages in the times of our grandparents were staying longer than the ones we have today.

There are secrets that the old families used to share and the tricky ways they used to keep their families. This new generation chose deliberately not to adopt to the old fashioned cultures.

The first way that made them to stay together till old age was indurance and perseverance. The old people were people who endured much regardless of situation they might land into. 

Some husbands like in Africa were leaving behind there families to go to other far countries like South Africa to get jobs and we're staying there for about 2 to 4 years and when they returned home they would find their wives still standing faithfully to them.

The second reason made them survive longer enough was getting married to a person they knew better. Our children today when they see how a girl is looking they are quick making decisions before knowing the person better. 

Knowing who you are marrying helps to understand their likes and dislikes. You will understand their feelings, cultures, types of people of his tribe and more. 

Thirdly, our grannies were getting married to a person not the money as it is happening today. Our girls today are able to marry a man who is not of their age just because they have converted love into Money. 

When you survey well you will find in countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria cultures vanished already. The 18 years old girl being married to a man who is 80 years just because of money not happiness on the marriage.

End result, they face too much challenges and divorce in few days and later say the marriage is not good forgetting they did unwise decisions before now they are facing consequences.

The fourth reason was having enough time to arrange all the marriage processes. Now our boys and girls are becoming pregnant and later are forced to get married. I assuredly tell you you are not married but after you give birth to your pregnancy it's when you realize that you were only making sure to see the new born baby whilst together nothing else like marriage.

Please I plead with you. Arrange marriages and follow all the procedures and those things shall live as a remembrance in your family and other decisions like divorce or separation will be avoided because of the memories you shared during traditions.

Our old parents were able to remind each other, like; " Hun do you remember the time we were at that place before marriage??" So, it's now up to you who have not yet married to make wise plans.

And the other point also the last one in our today's article is big mouths in the families. Many families have divorced because of big mouths. When you meet your friends or neighbors you are busy talking bad things about your family and end result your friends advise you sourly and you divorce. Our parents were keeping things in the hearts of their own not of their friends.

Remember marriage is about keeping secrets. In other circumstances, the husband maybe pees (urinates) on the bed. You take this special family secret and preach it to your neighbors and you expect your marriage to live longer??? No way it can not.

Learn to be in your husband's shoes same and vice versa. Keep your issues to yourself and only tell God. Families survive with keeping secrets, nothing else like charms as others claim.

Lastly, I beg all of you who have read this message. Teach the young ones the right ways to follow before they are old. Start to live in peace with everyone and the little ones will also adopt that type of beautiful life. Learn also to solve issues with wise words and not hatred hearts and anger. We do not solve issues whilst someone is angry.

The other thing is that never ever get Married because the other person is rich you will be in a hostage situation for life and you will die fast leaving your children behind as orphans a thing I hate to see. You don't understand each other give a space of negotiations and do not rush into making un-reversible decisions.

Grannies enjoying seeing grandchild

Let me remind you. I observed that many people allow to separate or divorce because they have someone already in the hearts. But remember:, everyone is good when you are living away from each other but you will know the real characters when you come together as a family.

I would love you could be like me. Try to solve issues with this woman you have today and hate that side chick who is disturbing you because maybe she/he wants your wealth. Once wealth is gone the marriage is also gone.

Our old parents I always say they were being married to a person to live as a family and the assets and wealth was being built whilst they were already living together and not to find already prepared meat you will eat decayed meat sure.

It is possible to change our marriage statuses today if you are willing to change to be good. Those outside forces forsaken them and see you will start to live a wonderful family again.

Do you know the consequences of divorce? I guess most of you, you do not know. Once you divorce the wealth will be shared and your developmental status will be dwindled. Secondly after divorce your children will be raised with another man or woman and will make them suffer by not giving them right food, clothes and even not better schools than you could when you were together.

Some people just promise to raise your children with an aim just to win your heart at that time but I bet you please never to try divorce your lovely families.

Your children will start feeling orphanage status whilst you are still breathing and alive. Let us start making reversible decisions and we raise our children together and God will bless you more and more.

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