Wife whispering in the
 ears of the husband

The earth is blessed with 7 continents and out all of them we have different nationalities with different ethnic groups that value their cultures.

The cultures that are practiced in China, people from United States of America may not like them all the same as in the families where there are husbands and wives. These families holders are from different backgrounds. 

They both have different likes and dislikes and one tries to make things work in the same one positive direction in the family to live happily.

There are ways that can be applied in the family to make sure lovers can change the bad characters that you do not like from your partners. Remember fighting is not a solution and can never solve the conflicts in your house.

The first way you can apply is to start changing attitude on how you were treating him or her when you observe such a character. Change from negative to positive. 

At first when you see your loved one is drunk you used not to give him food, even locking him outside. Slowly adjust yourself to positive direction as things do not change overnight.

Learning to be cool or calm when some incidents happen. For instance your husband or wife has spoken something in the public that you do not like. Please do not rebuke right away on the spot this will continue hurting the pain the heart. 

Remain calm as if there was nothing wrong and gradually go home when you see the heart of your lover is back to normal starting advising him or her in a quiet place like in the bedroom whilst doing little massage. Speak with a command of love not harsh by pushing the blame on them.

Buying him or her a surprising gift in form of either clothes or giving money in a lovely manner. Most people on the planet needs love, care and attention. Many people are failing to change bad behaviors of their loved ones because of the impressions they put towards them. A small surprise can change things completely. Before you never give money or buy something on your own unless you are begged. Now you buy the items on your own someone can start thinking positively towards you.

Asking your lover to start going to church and to live a prayerful life is another good strategy.Off course many families have different perspective ideas of how their life should be. But there is nothing difficult to change with prayers. To change things permanently is a slow process and no need to be in hurry.

Another way you can apply to change your friend's bad characters is by going everywhere wherever possible together. Others choose to drink beer when they are not with you but when you are together they feel shy to do it. Slowly the person's appetite towards beer will gradually vanish. Your wife is always trying to cheat on you with other men but when you are moving together that chance will cease to exist.

Start to live a transparent life is also a valuable method to be applied. Your wife usually do suspect that you hide money or things from her start involving her. 

Another instance, the wife has a good job and gets big salary and end result she does projects in her village without involving the man then it brings hatred life in the family. You start fighting each other. Speak to each other in a plain language and do all things involving money and projects together. This is a sign of unity.

The other methodology is to avoid speaking much when you are angry. It is bad behavior as well to respond to issues when you are angry.

 If you are targeting to change the other person's manners it's wise always to remain quiet and never speak when you are in bad mood to avoid aggravating the situation. It is better to look a fool in the eyes of your lover with the purpose for other things to change.

I will always love to tell you that you look more respected when you have a family than to be single. Some people are still single it is not their wish ask them inwardly they will whisper to you that they are waiting for someone to conquer the other side of their hearts with love.

Never say bad things about your loved ones outside the marriage even to your own relatives. Most people you see even pastors they have their own issues in the families but they handle them amicably without anyone noticing.

Thanks so much for reading and remember that the methods to be applied in order to change bad behaviors of our loved ones have been discussed in this article.