In today's article it is talking about patience and values of life as well as trust within the family, church and in our various societies.

A Successful couple invited the Pastor of their Church for dinner at their residence.

After the Pastor left, the couple realized their cheque had disappeared. The man said to his wife; “I think the Pastor has stolen the K250,000.00 open bank cheque that I kept here on the table of which I had the intention to give it to him”.

Angrily his wife abusively slammed that all pastors are of the same character. If they are not fake, they are thieves. There is no need to invite him again, we shall from now on never to attend his Church”.

Two Months Later, the woman met the Pastor at a certain Trading Centre and was courageous enough to face him and said: “Good morning Pastor, you have surely realised that we no longer come to your Church! this is because we are  angry with your bad characters. The day you came to our house, there was a K250,000.00 open bank cheque on the table but unfortunately it disappeared while we were eating. You were the only Person who visited our house at that time”.

The Pastor said to her, “Yes, I took the cheque. I put it in your Bible to avoid spilling the  tomato sauce on it”.This response amazed the woman and begged the Pastor to forgive her.

After she got back home, she checked up in the Bible and found the bank check which had been there for two months.

This is the meaning that for two months, the family had not opened the bible. For two months, she and her husband falsely accused the innocent Pastor. For two months, the incident had tortured them unnecessarily. Let us all remember times we suspected and accused other innocent people unreasonably.

Many times we have misinterpreted the actions of brothers or sisters.

The lesson we get here is that when you think your brothers have offended you, it's wise to ask them and do not harbour grudges or do not be heartbroken for nothing.