Example of a real big family

The most goals of every marriage after wedding is to have children whether in Africa, Europe, Asian, America or Australia. But bearing children is a must without that many families are living in miserable lives.

Every continent has it's beliefs and cultural practices when it comes to the number of kids every family is supposed to have. Some cultures believe families to have two kids, others five and whilst other societies believe in having any number of children as long as they are alive.

For example in Uganda a certain woman has about 49 children with one man and the other man in the same Uganda had managed to bear over 210 children off-course from different mother's.

After been weeded challenges come in as to who is supposed to control the number of children to have in the family. Some cultures say men have the mandate whilst other societies believe that women should control the number of kids to have.

Coming with environmental challenges now raising has become a very challenging task as the school fees have gone high, hospital bills are also expensive. 

The responsibility of determining the number of kids to have in the family is to come from both a man and a woman.

This will help in making decisions in the future challenges to be faced in caring for the children. The kids need best schools, best accommodation, best health care and even clothing and nice food.

Imagine a family having ten children but the father only manages to get $100 a month. How will they survive on rentals, food, clothes, medication in times of sickness. It will be a disaster.

According to how things are happening it's a best decision to have a minimum number of 2 kids and a maximum number of 5 kids. This is regarded a manageable number according to world health organization and UNICEF organization.

It is also the best idea to sit down and discuss before holding the weeding because it becomes a big problem after already weeded.

The other influence which causes families to bear more children is the believes that are considered between a girl and a boy child. Other cultures say when you have more girl children you are richer when boys shall come to pay the bride price. Others say when you have more boy children you are secured and people will respect you.

Other families continue bearing children because first three or five kids are only boys or girls so they want also the other gender to be born in the family ending up with a bigger number of children which at the end will be difficult for them family to take care of.

Lastly let's all family members and family advisors be sober in mind when making decisions of having a number of children.